Graphite Australia has proven to be a reliable supplier of quality graphite and carbon products. Through our global partnership with the GES group of companies we provide our customers with over 40 years’ experience in the graphite and carbon business.

Key Advantages:

Product Knowledge
We have a thorough knowledge of the various graphite and carbon products in the market and their application –what works where.

Manufacturing Knowledge
We have a solid knowledge of the various graphite manufacturing technologies and processes, their advantages and disadvantages and we know the capabilities of our different suppliers.

All of our suppliers must meet our comprehensive standards and are subject to continuing review and physical plant audits conducted by both our staff and our customers. We maintain excellent relationships with our suppliers and work with them to meet or exceed our customers’ expectations. These strong relationships have led to many exclusive representation agreements.

Physical Presence in the Chinese Market
Graphite Australia/GES have offices in China with employees focused solely on the graphite and carbon industry.

Market Focus and Product Specialisation
Graphite Australia and the GES Group specialize in graphite and carbon products.

Market Information & Intelligence
We advise our customers of developments in the market place and work with them to ensure an optimal outcome.

We regularly review the following areas:
Foreign Government Trade laws
Production cost drivers
Demand expectations

Global Supply, Knowledge and Outlook
Graphite Australia & the GES Group purchase graphite and carbon products in the following countries: USA, China, Japan, India, Russia and the Czech Republic. This global presence allows us to provide our customers with safeguards against some of the issues involved in international trade such as changes in International Trade Laws and currency fluctuations.